Amazon FBA Shipping Limits

Amazon’s ASIN restrictions in 22 caused Amazon FBA Sellers to experience difficulties in storage, launch and product shipping. The purpose of these restrictions is to prepare for continued high demand. It may cause Amazon FBA sellers to be unprofitable and out of stock for a long time due to limitations. Because of this, sellers have started shipping their products through the facilities of Amazon FBA Freight Forwarders.

In this case, instead of sending shipments to Amazon, it makes more sense to send the orders they receive from their manufacturers  to the warehouse of Amazon FBA Freight Forwarders.

Forceget, offer services for Amazon FBA sellers, with a network of warehouses both in the East and West Coasts of US, Canada and in China.  Warehousing, full container load, less than container load, air and door-to-door transportation are all included. Its digital platform allows customers to quote, ship, track and pay digitally.


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